Principle Broker

Sandra Mae Levy

Principle Broker, Lic. #: M08000313
  • Sandra Mae Levy is a seasoned Toronto Mortgage Broker who has arranged over 1,000 mortgages.  She is a member of the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals, and is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.  She is frequently called upon to mentor agents and mortgage professionals new to the industry.  She presented “From Good To Great” at the 2007 HSBC National Conference, was elected “Star Performer” 2009 by Wells Fargo, and was nominated “District Insurance Ambassador” 2009-2010 by Wells Fargo.

    Sandra’s success philosophy is based on HonestyIntegrityProfessionalismTechnical Proficiency and Confidentiality.  Her primary focus is in helping clients reach financial freedom in an efficient, cost effective manner.  Her negotiation skills are superior from her extensive experience in the mortgage industry.  Sandra ensures she shops the right lender on behalf of her client and signs the best offer, not the first one.
    In Her Own Words:
    “Over the years I’ve worked with world banks and financial institutions.  Now, as a Toronto Mortgage Broker I’m on the other side of the industry.  I have the pleasure of acting solely on behalf of my client.  Having worked on either side of the industry has equipped me with insight on where lenders will bend their guidelines.  When I’m able to talk down the rate, I do.  When the lender won’t budge, I move on to the next one.  I know the financing I get for my client is the best there is.  Great financing solutions along with customer service has provided me with a large refarral base.  My clients are my full-time job.  Reaching their goal is my goal.  Finding the right financing, even when it seems impossible is what I do… and I love it.
    “It’s really something great when I get to help a client reach their financial dreams, or a new resident to Canada become a home-owner, or a new business owner aquire a financial boost, or a client get their credit back on track…….
    “In recent years I’ve seen the mortgage industry mature into something really exciting.  Just as with many industries today, the Internet has created these changes.  The mortgage industry is now ’dynamic’.  I encourage all new clients to take hold of their finances, and fill out our online application.  Let me take a look at where you’re at, and shop around for you.  Even if you think you’ve got the best there is…. maybe i can present you with something better.  I look forward to hearing from you.” 

    – Sandra Levy

    “Sandra is the most knowledgeable and experienced mortgage professional I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is an integral and valued contributor to Condominia Magazine and I would recommend her to anyone seeking professional advice.”August 27th, 2012 – Brian Rushton Phillips, Principal/Design & Editorial Director, Communiqis
    “Through my experience of working with Sandra, I’ve learned that professionalism is who you are. She is a self-motivated person who strives to present her self like no other and her work ethic stands as a testimonial to this. I would recommend her for everyone’s mortgage needs.” Ion Nicolae, Co-Founder, Viva Designs and Fiber Living
    “Dedicated, detail oriented and personable..” – Donald J. Thomas (Lawyer)
    “Excellent communicator, customer centric and a solid leader…. Can be counted on to deliver results, very determined.” Justin Gillard (Wells Fargo – District Manager)
    “Dedicated..always led with passion and enthusiasm and determined to succeed….Sandra has a strategic outlook..” Brad Wilson (VP, with HSBC Canada)
    “Never losing sight of the big picture and what is truly important, our customers…A true winner worth partnering with!” Craig Boyd(National Director, Lender Programs & Appraisal Services HSBC)
    “Sandra was fantastic to work with, a strong leader, fast learner and very driven.” Sean Merritt (District Manager, HSBC)
    “Highly dedicated professional that works with her clients closely to find a solution that suits their needs.  Her years of experience in the industry and knowledge of the market is shown in the mannger she conducts herself with her clients and the relationships she builds.” David Broudie (Insurance Consultant, Hub Financial)
    “Sandra is the best! Anyone looking for a mortgage call Sandra first!” J. Diamond (Toronto Business Owner)

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