Always A Mortgage Corp. is a leading mortgage brokerage firm offering seamless solutions for your specific financing needs. You can count on our experience, dedication, and direct access to banks, trust companies and private lenders to handle your specific financial need. Purchase your dream home, set up a business, take cash out, renew your mortgage, whichever need you may have we’ve got a solution and we’re on your side. With our Mortgage Brokers & Agents available evening and weekends, financing has never been so easy. Call us today 1-877-777-9908.

Customer Oriented Services

At Always A Mortgage Corp., we put our client first.  We help our client choose the right mortgage product, and then personalize the financing to suit their individual requirements. Our aim is to establish a long-lasting relationship with every client by providing the best serivce in the industry.


Highly Qualified and Experienced Mortgage Staff

Our team at Always A Mortgage Corp. comprises of some of the most dynamic and experienced personnel from the mortgage industry.  Our Brokerage has a thorough knowledge of the Toronto area. We will provide all the necessary advice and guidance that you might require for your mortgage application, interest rate negotiation, or any other related procedure. We constantly work towards offering you the best solution in the most cost-effective manner.


Efficiency through Flexibility

The mortgage industry is extremely dynamic and volatile. Rates may change drastically in a matter of hours. Always A Mortgage Corp. is quick to detect such changes and keeps its customers well informed and updated at all times. Our processes and systems are flexible and easily adapt to such fluctuations so that the customer is never at a loss.


Industry Leading Products and Services

We offer a wide array of products, tools and services that are designed specifically keeping the mortgage industry in mind. Our online tools and calculators take care of all the numbers and calculations involved, quickly and accurately.


Always A Mortgage Corp., Brokerage License # 11986

In Ontario, the mortgage brokering industry is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), an arms-length agency of the Ministry of Finance.
All Mortgage Brokerages, Administrators, Brokers and Agents need to be licensed with FSCO to conduct mortgage brokering business in Ontario.
More information on FSCO and the mortgage brokering industry can be found on FSCO’s website.
Always A Mortgage Corp. is licensed as a Mortgage Brokerage with FSCO and remains in good standing.


Disclosure Policy

Our policy is to fully disclose all available information to our investors and lenders in order for them to be able to objectively evaluate the mortgage investment opportunities presented to them. We feel that taking a conservative approach to mortgage investment can minimize the risk for everyone involved.
We recommend that in most mortgage investments, the amount of the mortgage does not exceed 75% of the value of the property as of the date of the appraisal and/or sale. There are exceptions to this guideline that depend upon the type of property, and the credit history and income of the borrower. Generally, this puts the mortgage investor in a position of reasonable equity.
We obtain a credit report (usually through Equifax) to confirm the information obtained from the borrower’s application for a mortgage. We cross-reference the debts disclosed on the application with those revealed on the credit report and we question the borrower for an explanation regarding any discrepancies.
In any case, we present to the investor or lender a summary of the mortgage requested and copies of the documentation that has been made available to us with respect to each application.

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